I´m also a Project manager

Not all it´s videogames, as a publicist I worked in several digital agencies, producing and lead the team to deliver a campaign on time related to

  • Sites: WordPress dynamic Sites – Including React.
  • Landing pages: Simple landings for short brand campaigns
  • Banners- Emails campaigns
  • Facebook integration apps
  • Facebook interactive chatbots- Including database in Laravel
  • Social interactive sites: Where users can comment and generate engagement between each other with moderators.
  • Aplications
  • Video game applications
  • Database enrichment

This includes brand proposals for a better experience for the brands needs. 

For a glance of my Project manager related to agencies please look at my Linkedin

Works published 2021

Pm for Bitopia 4SquareCase of study in credits

Pm for Bitopia and Ux creative writer Stella MaeCase of study in credits

Product Manager for Bitopia and UX creative writer (include buyer persona) for Pax assistanceCase of study in credits