My first step into animation

My internship was at Cubo negro, Santiago, Chile im 2006, got the possibility been a publicist to work in one of the most importan animation studios in Chile, producers for 13 Channel

Patagonia was the first intent in Chile to create an animé style micro series ¨ova¨ during 24 minutes in a total of 6 episodes. The story was related to the patagonic natives, the ecology boundries with the nature and the conquer of the hispanic at that land. This was the first time that in Chile an animation company take the challenge to create a self story entire produce in the country, using 3D and 2D animation combined.

I worked at the paint an animation department, working with the animation checks, control, retouch, digital paint, digital check, digital animation frame to frame check for the 2D characters

My name is in the credits and the tv was transmited during August of 2007