Romina Luna

Lunakchai / Publicist

Graduated with honors in 2005 from Universidad del Desarollo,  I won a scholarship to end my studies at UADE Argentina, as an exchange student. 

Since then I became fascinated by the creativity in Argentina, and decided to stay and live as an immigrant.  This helped me to form my publicist degree into technology, working at MRM as a first glance of  what is related to tech campaigns.

My experience and my thesis about the dance machines (Pump it up and Dance Dance Revolution) publishing what nowadays we call e-sports community, got me my first job into product marketing gaming industry at Telefónica with an edutaiment game called Creápolis, one of the first intends to create an MMO for education in Latin América. Later on I became Pr (press and communications lead) for    Axeso 5, publishing news and events in Latin América, trough social media and formal press to Argentina, Perú and Chile, this helped me to understand deeply the communications for the gaming industry.

With all this experience, I created my first experimental feminist video game visual novel, for all girl gamers who wants to fall in love with fictional interactive characters, with respect and girl power. Creating Makenaide producciones.

Hobbies and stuff

Related to my art, I love capturing moments with toys into their small but huge imaginary world. Life in macro shows for me the true colors for pop culture and trends where I show a piece of moment, creating an environment that triggers emotions for those who are child in heart, at my instagram. These photos where exhibit at the Macab museum. Where also you will find vector art created for streamers, emotes for twitch channel and commissions. Also I have a twitch channel where I play rhythm and dance video games, proving that games we do exercise.

Since I love social media, my personal works also are related to help the gaming community, creating Clubsandbox, a non profit community to help kids playing with Nintendo to make friends with no bullying.  Also I became a micro influencer teaching gamer to improve their communications skills trough streaming at my tiktok account, also in the weekends you can find me playing video games and teaching about the marketing video game industry at my twitch channel

My leitmotiv

I am a team player and a leader speaking for those who can´t (like my visual novel, or bullying) . Every technology I work for, I do it with passion, with team members to be heard and always considering creativity and project management, due dates and deliver on time, with a lot´s of QA.